The truth is out. How to make magic.


I was lucky enough to get to catch up with a one of life’s all round beautiful people last week. One of those sparkly, inspiring folk that I adore, who is out there living her dream.

We sat and drank smoothies in a gorgeous little Brazillian Café, and she told me all about her latest adventures.  I could sit and listen to people talk about the things that light them up all day.  She works SO hard, and is so passionate about what she is building. There is this palpable, contagious, intoxicating, fun energy that she exudes… you can’t help but be drawn in. Anyway, as we were talking, she was mentioning a few blocks that had recently sprung up along her path (because NO ONES LIFE IS PERFECT)

I loved how she described them in an interested way (there was no poor me, no blaming anyone else… no negativity attached) just an interest in what might be making the same type of road blocks come up time and time again… and what the lesson might be for her to learn in it all. A curiosity around what she might do differently or do to get past them. I don’t think I said anything profound, just listened, asked some questions, its amazing how clear things become when you just unpack them, say them out loud… put them on the table in that way and have a good look at what’s there, without judgment or needing answers.

We then ate one of those yummy bliss ball thingys, and discussed tattoos, and I managed to say loudly ‘yep it’s on my bum’, right when the hot waiter decided to lean down next to me to clear the table… GOLD!!!

Anyway, I got a message from my friend the following day…


What did you do to me yesterday?

It seems that the next morning, things all switched around for her. She got a call from the organisation she’d been waiting on an answer from, a stalled project was going ahead, she randomly met someone in a café that could help her with something else that had stalled, and suddenly it was all systems go again… roadblocks cleared. TA DA!!!!

Now clearly I am not magic (though I am quite partial to Magic Mike)


I do have a magical angel on my side.

You see, when I was on the Abrolhos Islands on a recent stint of my Chickie Road Trip, I lay in the sun on my last morning there, amongst all the craypots at the end of a very long, rickety jetty.

Lying there in silence, with the sun on my skin, the warm breeze brushing over me and nothing as far as the eye could see apart from beautiful blue skies and ocean, I listened to the sounds of the waves and the birds flying overhead. I just breathed and thought about where I was, about how far I had come, the lessons I had learned, about all that I had to be grateful for (aka A LOT) I lay there and promised myself that I would go back into civilization and leave pain and fear behind me; that I would step back into life and give it everything I’ve got… not waste a minute, a nano-second of the gift of this life that I had been given. When I stood up to walk back down the jetty to the shore, I looked down at my feet and saw something shining. It was this little cherub angel stubby lid sparkling up at me (thank-you Little Creatures Brewery and some crusty old squid fisherman who had probably had his own conversation with the ocean the night before)


So to the rest of the world it may be a beer bottle lid, but to me it was a sign, that there is a magical little chickie guardian angel looking out for me, that the sun and the wind and the ocean had heard me, and that everything would be ok.

So now, along with my secret superhero ring, my little angel friend hangs out with me in my glasses case, always by my side, reminding me of the salty air and the promise that I made.

Maybe some of it’s magic fairy dust sprinkled onto my lovely friend yesterday, while we were snort laughing that I’d just told some random waiter about the tattoo on my bum… you never know.

What I do know for sure is that there are some more practical things about magic.

Until you find yourself a beer top angel to do the work for you, do you know what IS magic?

What really gets results?

  • Noticing stuff… noticing what works for you and what doesn’t, and being curious about it.
  • Sharing your hopes, dreams, and disasters with a friend… saying stuff out loud.
  • Facing things head on instead burying your head in the sand and hoping it will miraculously go away.
  • Action is magic. Action gets stuff happening. Words are pretty, but they’re not action.
  • Taking responsibility for what is yours. Owning it without beating yourself up, and getting on with fixing what is within your control and fixable.
  • Appreciation for what is great in your life. What you focus on grows. When you notice and appreciate the magic you already have, you start to see it in other places too. (Kind of like dandruff, but in a good way.)
  • Laughing… is SO magic.
  • Oh and according to my sister, Magic Mike gets results too! (Twice Jen… happy? Xxx)

So my beautiful friend, was right in that the time we spent together yesterday was definitely magic.

But she made that magic herself.

Clearly if I was magic, I would have no cellulite, live on a tropical island and not keep putting my foot in my mouth. With my superhero ring and my magic beer top angel, I’m getting there, but I’ve still got a way to go!

You have magic within you too lovely chickies.

There is such power in harnessing it and inviting more to come to the party.

Where could you use a bit more sparkle in your life?

And what’s stopping you from going out and getting it?

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