The truth about secret superheroes.

Look in the sky,

Is it a bird

Is it a plane

No, it’s a secret superhero!!!!!

Is she always a size 6, chick in a flowy dress, drinking a green smoothie, living a perfect life, meditating on the beach?

Is she always a buffed and perfectly toned sex goddess who has “grinded” her way to abs of steel? (I wish!)

Is she always the perfect corporate Queen,

Or the perfect mother with perfectly groomed and well mannered children, who have never heard a swear word or sighted even a scrap of food which wasn’t 100% organic. (I for one, would be in deep shit if this were the case)

Or any of those other stories that we get sold?


I call bullsh*t!

I would venture to guess that all of those ‘perfect’ people are just like you and me, with their own set of




hurdles to jump

You can bet your arse they have sh*t days.

That they are doing the best they can with what they’ve got.

Let me tell you a little something about the secret superheroes that I see walking amongst us, the chicks who I love the absolute bejesus out of.

When I think Secret Superhero, I see the chick that:

  • Is not picture perfect
  • She does
  • She tries
  • She has a crack
  • And when things don’t go to plan, she dusts herself off and gets back up again.

There’s also a fair chance she’s got a wedgie, her t-shirt on inside out or backwards, or something stuck on her teeth (and that just makes me love her more!)

On any given day, you will find her quietly going about her business, being a fantastic (REAL LIFE) woman, sister, mother, friend, partner, citizen. person. Enriching the lives of others and inspiring and nurturing us with her deeds, her words, her kindness, her love.

She might not be selfie-ing this action all over the place.

Or putting an ad in the paper to make sure that the whole world knows about it.

She doesn’t make magic for point scoring purposes, or in order to be publically applauded.

You know why?

Because she doesn’t need to.

She’s living her life her way…. For her!

She’s doing it because that is who she is.

She’s got inner strength.

On a good day, she’s got balls, guts, tenacity, resiilience, get up and go, a sense of humour, a finely tuned ability to see through superficial bullshit and drama, a can-do attitude. She does stuff!

On a bad day, she does what she needs to do to keep afloat.

Even if the best that she can manage is to stay in bed with the doona over her head… she sure as shit doesn’t beat herself up over it.

It might involve a tub of ice-cream, a bottle of wine and a bag of twisties, a solitary walk in the sunshine or a support session (aka hanging out) with some of her people - like minded chicks who she knows have got her back.

A bit of: Well that didn’t go to f*cking plan did it.

or in the case of public humiliation… God, did anyone see?

In the case of opportunity for personal growth:  RIGHT!  What am I going to do differently next time this sh*t comes to town?

These are the chicks I want to hang out with.

Who inspire and motivate me to keep going.

Who I want to be role models for my daughters.

Living, laughing, sparkling proof of women of fucking substance.

Stunning examples of what happens when you get out there and give life your best shot.

I love Secret Superheroes. I love that they’ve lived and they’re proudly living a great big messy life.

The good, the bad, the ugly, the adventures, the disasters, the belly laughs, the tears… made them tougher, stronger, who they are… it’s their secret sauce.

Have a look around you, you will start to notice secret superheroes everywhere. (my personal favourites are usually wearing a secret superhero ring... hehe)

They are my favourite kind of people. The kind of people I LOVE to have in my life.

I hang and work with everyday heroes like this every day. Chicks who are rocking their super powers, or learning to. Finally starting to focus, believe in, own and celebrate their strengths and achievements.

F*ck it makes me smile

Want to know the best thing…

There is a secret superhero inside of us all.

She is YOU.

And she is me.

Take a look in the mirror and give yourself some bloody credit.

Cast your eyes over the magnificent spectacle that is you.

Not just the outside packaging.

Look into your eyes and check out that reservoir of amazingness that you carry within you every single day on this adventure of a blank canvas of a life that we are so fortunate to get to live.

Look back on all that has brought you to this point

Admire the twists and turns,

The shit you’ve made it through

The lessons that sh*t taught you

The wisdom that it has given you

The memories that add colour, movement, substance, personality, add meaning to your story.

Take a deep breath,


then lean in close and whisper…. the best is yet to come secret superhero… (BTW if you fog up the mirror you’re doing it right!)

Step back and make a promise to yourself that instead of wasting time and energy believing the never ending stream of beautiful unattainable illusions, of images of people that you don’t even know’s perfectly curated news feeds, that you will instead use that precious resource to pull out that wedgie, get that lipstick off your teeth and keep moving forward my lovely.

You’ve SO f*cking got this.