V-v-v-valentines day.


Hey chickies,

I bet you CAN’T WAIT to hear what this chick has to say about valentines day….  Its ok, there’s no p.m.t in sight and I’ve hardly had a drink for days, so how wrong can it go I asks ya??? Now don’t get me wrong, I think that men are great, and some of them even do an excellent job of making their significant other feel totally appreciated and adored on valentines day


When feb 14th rocks around this year, I’m going to take some time to show my chickie friends some loving…

You know the kind of friends that I’m talking about… What these chicks do for us in the romance department is vital to our mental health! They see men come and go, and hold your hand through it all

They sit through the angsty beginnings,

will I ???

won’t I ??? They ride the nauseating emotional rollercoaster, from the loved up, honeymoon phase to your romantic trials and tribulations

Always there to cheer you on,

Patiently sitting and listening to your manly complaints (the petty injustices, the crimes against humanity … toilet seat up, wet towels on the floor, yelling at inanimate objects eg. The cricket, footy, the ikea table that wont go together properly… I think we’re on the same page here are we not?)

These long suffering chickies give you bucketloads of sympathy and wise, loving (often objective) advice


When it all goes pear shaped, when you’re a slobbering heap on the floor, they pick you up, dust you off, tell you you’re not an ugly crier (you are!) Pass theTissuesWineicecream take your phone away and delete his number so you can’t make a dick of yourself,

explain (in great detail…) how you are


too good for him, that he never deserved you anyway

… the man is clearly A FOOL!!!

Like a bird with a broken wing, they rescue you from the depths of despair, soothe your bleeding wounds, keep an eye on you, nurture you back to health and mental stability… set you free to fly once more, off into the pretty sunset… Then Say NOTHING when you ignore all of their advice and GET BACK WITH THE LOSER!!!!

In my humble opinion, these are the women who deserve the flowers and chocolates and the massages on valentines day….

Did they ever tell you looked fat or that you really should do something about that cellulite???

I think not!!!! Did your chick friends expect you to be designated driver, to pretend you enjoy watching footy all winter?


They did all of this for you selflessly, because they love you unconditionally, because they know that you would do the same for them in a heartbeat

(They didn’t even do it to get laid )

This my chickie friends, is true love …..

Are you hearing me???

BlogSue Muller