Walking your talk and smashing your to-do list.


Who is up for a bit of a ‘walking your talk’ challenge lovely chickies?

Who else is guilty of the gunnas?

  • Who else is guilty of handing out the free advice… a little ‘do as I say not as I do” action eh?
  • Who else has a pile of unread books by the side of their bed?
  • An unwatched yoga DVD gathering dust RIGHT next to the TV?
  • A piece of allegedly miraculous exercise equipment that they bought from a man on the TV who uttered the magical words: “but wait, THERE’S MORE!
  • Who has vowed that they were giving up wine or coffee? (o.k, so that was pretty stupid… let’s not take this to extremes)
  • Is there someone you’ve been meaning to catch up with for aaaaages?
  • Have you been filing the dentist check up, pap smear or mammogram reminders away under ‘B’ for bin?
  • Is there an apology you owe someone that is long overdue?
  • How many emails are hanging around in your inbox?

I don’t know about you, but when my ‘gunna list’ blows out, I find myself on a fast train to overwhelmed town.

And don’t even start me on the procrastination dance that I break into when I get there… it’s not pretty folks.

Good news lovely chickies...

If there’s one thing that I have learned through navigating the gunnas of past, it’s that you have a choice.

You can sit looking at the insurmountable tower of ‘to do’s’, and waste a whole lot of energy worrying about how you are going to climb it…


you can use that precious energy to take a deep breath and pick just one thing and get started.

AKA take some action… ANY ACTION!

So lovely chickies, my challenge to you today is to,

pick just one thing this coming week and FFS just get it done!!!!

Focus on doing what it takes to

  • Tick it off
  • Wipe it out
  • Smash it out of the park
  • Put a great big red line through it

Then it will be time to

  • Celebrate
  • High five yourself
  • Do a happy dance


hold your head high!

This my lovelies is the start of the comeback trail


Imagine how good you’ll feel as you slowly but surely smash that entire gunna list

If you just pick one thing from that list each week going forward and concentrate on nailing it, I promise that you’ll be back in control in no time.

Want to turbo charge your results?

Get yourself an accountability buddy – nothing gets stuff done like knowing someone’s going to call you on it if you don’t.

Or hire me if you want… that’s what I do for a living!

So, here’s to getting stuff done lovely chickies

Gunnas begone I say!!!

In the name of chickie cheer-squads, it would be brilliant if you felt like sharing what YOU are going to tick off, and also when you nail it, in the comments section below.

So that we can give you a massive cheer.

Plus you never know who you’ll be inspiring and motivating to smash their own list too.

Here’s to celebrating our list clearing super powers.

Love your work.  xxx

BlogSue Muller