What makes you come alive? Adventures in the zone of chickie.


My name is Sue and there is a place that I love to visit,

I don’t always plan to go there.

Sometimes in the middle of something else, it comes to me like a bolt out of the blue and I just HAVE to drop everything and answer its irresistible call.

When I go to this place, the world around me stops and time stands still

The story usually goes a little like this:

Lovely lazy Saturday morning (insert highly attractive bed-head and dodgy old t-shirt)

Got up (woohoo!)

Had a coffee (DER!),

And I’m standing at the sink in the kitchen, up to my arms in soapy water when BANG inspiration hits!


I HAVE to write that down before I forget.

RIPS off purple washing-up gloves.

Bolts for the nearest paper and pen, to record genius moment.

Leaving behind a sea of soap suds and half cleared up breakfast.

And that my chickie friends, is when I enter…


(please note: I would insert the star wars theme song right here if I had the tech skills)

Yep, my own little chickie parallel universe, where the whole world goes quiet. When it is just me and the words. Scribbling away,

trying to write them down as quickly as they spew out of my head, laughing, ok snorting away to myself about a story no one else can hear but me

The yell of:

Sweet jesus!

WTF happened in the kitchen? Is just a distant echo.

I am too busy laughing at how HILARIOUS this is going to be, concentrating on the REVELATION that is going on in my mind.

The AHAHAHA so THAT’S how it works…

Oh the exquisite





Never mind the morning breath, I am



In the moment



From time to time, an assortment of the people I love pass by just shaking their heads in a ‘ oh great here she goes…’ kind of way.

Yes, there are other small noises going on in the background. Good news is that, I seem to be able to make go them away with the magical words YEP or NO WORRIES.

My kids – hey mum, we’re just going to go rob a convenience store, can we borrow your car? – YEP

My Mum– we’re one down at the seniors golf morning tea tomorrow, can you come? – YEP

Beautiful Sister –

hey I’m going to a red wine tasting thing on the weekend, is it ok if I borrow your new white dress? – YEP

And while I’m here, I put you down host a TUPPAWARE party so I could win a microwave container with a special lid… hope that’s ok? - YEP

Want to go to Zumba later? – NO WORRIES

None of it matters, because I am blissfully swimming around in my own personal sea of creativity, in my happy place, with  magical pixie writing fairies dancing all around me on rollerskates. (ok, so some days they don’t wear roller skates, but you get the picture).

Point is,


In the moment

In my zone of genius

So I keep scribbling away until, next thing I know, SOMEONE’S TURNED OFF THE LIGHTS!!!

Oh ok, no they didn’t…. It’s dark and I’m squinting.

Hmmm, I don’t remember lunch.

I am busting to go to the toilet.

There’s a funny smell and it turns out that it’s ME.

I seem to have 500 missed calls on my phone from some Tupperware rep and a text from a person called Beryl that says “bring a plate tomorrow”.

and someone’s tooting in the driveway to take me to zumba… WTF???

Luckily it doesn’t matter, because I am in a post zone bubble of satisfaction.

I have written my masterpiece, I am re-energized, popping, sparkly HAPPY and alive.

Which is kind of handy because it seems I’ve got zumba on tonight – DOH!

So lovely chickies, please tell me that I’m not alone here.

What brings you joy?

What is it that takes you to your sparkly happy place where time flies and nothing else matters?

What is your passion?

Your joy?

What makes YOU come alive?

And the most important question of all:

How might you get more of THAT into your life?


P.S. I don't suppose that anyone like to buy some Tupperware? (joke joyce!)

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