Where is the wonder?


I saw the cutest little girl on my walk today.

Everyone else was marching around the lake in all of their exercise gear, sweating and grimacing.

She had on her fairy dress, a sparkly crown, and she was skipping along with a great big smile.

Full of joy and wonder and not giving a continental about what anyone else was doing…. just soaking up the beautiful morning.

I smiled and cast my mind back to when I was in prep and my first school sports day came up.

My dad was the PE teacher, he was the race starter… you know, the guy in the ADIDAS tracksuit holding the starter gun that says ‘Ready. Set. GO!!!'

Quite the sporty dude around town, a few people were interested in how his daughter would perform in her first race in the public arena…

Poor dad.

I rocked up in the prettiest blue dress with big yellow flowers on it (I still remember that dress… god I loved that dress)

Lined up with all the other little girls in their sports uniforms.

Gun went off

I casually skipped the whole way…

I probably finished about 5 minutes after everybody else, but I enjoyed myself.

I was completely oblivious to who was watching, what the rest of the world was doing or was saying about me.I was just doing my own thing, enjoying the moment, soaking up the joy.

(kudos to my dad for loving me through the public humiliation)

So it occurred to me today when I was smiling at that beautiful little girl.

When did I stop skipping?

Eventually it seems that the world wears us down.

We get caught up in the seriousness of it all.

The expectations.

The responsibility.

We become self-conscious.

We lose our sense of wonder.

That childlike curiosity, innocence and ability to be in the moment isn’t our default position any more.

What a shame.

So I ask you today lovely chickies.

When did YOU stop skipping?

When was the last time that you

  • Were a snow or an autumn leaf angel?
  • Soaked up the magnificent feeling of your bare feet on the grass?
  • Dipped your toes in the ocean (bonus points if you ended up with wet jeans)?
  • Put your tongue out to catch a snow flake?
  • Blew bubbles with your straw?
  • Laughed until you cried?
  • Put an iceblock down someone else’s back (note to my daughters: this is NOT an invitation)?
  • Blew a massive bubblegum bubble that pops on your face?
  • Got a redskin lolly caught in your teeth?
  • Slid across a shiny tiled floor in your socks?
  • Did a little dance while no one was watching?
  • Broke out the hairbrush and murdered a love song?
  • Had cocopops or fruitloops for breakfast?
  • Really truly smiled with ALL of you, not just the corners of your mouth?

I’m thinking that it’s about time that I mixed some more wonder back into the ingredients list of my life.

So from now on, I’m going to try to add in an extra bit of magic into the mix each day, in honour of the innocent girl in the flowery blue dress.

Who else is in?

Who else has got room for a bit of a skip every now and then… or a bowl of cocopops?

If you feel like taking an action shot and tagging me on instagram, that would be fun too!

Extra points if you do it wearing your secret superhero ring.

In the beautiful words of Danielle LaPorte

“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”

Let’s let those innocent little girls come back out and play…

BlogSue Muller