Who the f*ck is Carlos?

Let me tell you a little story about my fine friend Carlos…

If you met him on tinder, you’d swipe right for sure!

He is…



Honest – way too honest

My right hand man… my rock, my knight in silver shining armour.

He is man enough to ask for help when he needs it,

which is how we met Mark from the Genius Bar last year.

He hardly ever cracks it with me… well there was this one time

He is flexible, adaptable, prepared to work in precarious locations.

Under bridges...

in the sky...

On the beach...

and even the dodgiest of chickie road trips....

under duress.... ( he makes friends where ever he goes...)

Carlos has dodged many a road trip ham and cheese toastie crumb in his time, as well as a Krispy Crème or 2… just holding them for a friend… (that original glaze icing is bloody sticky though isn’t it!)

He puts up with my remedial technological skills.

Has pulled off many a miraculous deadline race.

He helps me write all of my chickie blogs.

He loves us just the way we are.

He’s kind of like your dream friend really…

A rock

Sounding board

Voice of reason

Good for a laugh and a shoulder to cry on

He’s unconditionally got our backs

Carlos is pretty bloody special.

If you’re going to hang around these Smile Chickie parts, he’s a non-negotiable part of the deal.

A quiet achiever, he shuns the spotlight, preferring to hang out in the background.

You will notice him most on my chickie newsletters.

And if you are one of our devoted readers, even though he’s a man of few words, he wanted me to thank you from the bottom of his silver apple-ey heart for joining us over there most Monday mornings (except for the Mondays we sleep in and forget… because who TF is perfect!)

You know, I really should tell him how much I appreciate him more often… because I would be truly lost without him.

What about you lovely reader…

Who are the Carlos-es in your life?

Is there someone who is popping into your head right now, who is all of these things to you?

When was the last time that you told them how much you cared… how much they mean to you?

Carlos said to tell you that life is short, don’t leave it too late.

There is no better time than right now.

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