Winging it. Trusting life.

winging it
winging it

The beautiful man I share my life with turned 50 last week –

ha ha fucking HA! Glad I’m not 50 (did I just say that out loud? Oops!)

To celebrate the momentous occasion, we left Carlos (my laptop) and our responsibilities behind for the day. We went on a Sue’s Magical Adventure Day.

Do YOU ever wag life, and take yourself on a magical mystery tour?

If not, then you my love, are MISSING OUT!!!

There was so much sunshine. There were trains, bridges, sun, coffee, parks, art, ferries, sunburn (sorry birthday boy), food, drink, laughter and love. It was like dropping out of the world for the day. No responsibilities or distractions, just being, and enjoying each other’s company.

Looking at the world with fresh eyes and wonder for a change.

I personally think that it should be compulsory to clear our schedules and take at least a couple of these kinds of magical adventures a year.

Days where you step up, grab your train pass, a bucket of enthusiasm and head on out into the world with the people that you love.

Without expectation.

And just see what happens.

Look at life through a lense of gratitude and wonder.

Remind yourself that it’s perfectly ok to not know all of the details and the answers.

Make some memories.

Trust that your beautiful aspirations are enough.

That you are enough.

It’s so liberating to just wing it.

It switches everything back into perspective.

As a reformed control freak, micro manager, stress head.

It’s hilarious how much I have learned to embrace the winging it.

These days,

I know how I want to feel.

I know what is non-negotiable in my life.

The kind of relationships and people that I want to invest in, and have in my world.

It’s like knowing the secret ingredients to the recipe of living my unique story.

And I’m prepared to trust that if I keep mixing up those ingredients and walking towards that vision, that I will attract more of what I need along the way.

Sue’s Magical Adventure Days remind me that I don’t have to know exactly how things are going to go.

When I think about it, 20 years ago, if I could have looked ahead and predicted where I’d be at now, and what would transpire along the way, there is absolutely NO WAY I would have been able to dream up the itinerary… no way!

And the moments, the circumstances, the detours, that at the time seemed like disasters, that nearly broke me, that brought me to my knees, turned out to be

The things that made me the person that I am today.

The life lessons that carried me through.

They led me to somewhere incredible.

Would I have believed it if someone had told me back then? Nope!

Can we change the past lovely chickies? No!  (unless your name is McFly and have a Back to the Future Car)

What we CAN do going forward is to know ourselves really well.

And we can be mindful of making choices that are in line with our own secret ingredients, our recipe, the story of how we want to live and love and embrace the gift that is our precious life.

So cheers to this great big adventure of a life that we are on my lovelies…

Let’s keep on believing in ourselves, and walking towards the sunshine.

We are lighting each others paths and showing each other the way, and I love that.

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