Where did the year go? 6 Ways to get back on track.

Ok hands up who started this year off with grand intentions to make some big changes? To totally get their shit together?

To lose weight?

Quit smoking?

Run a marathon?

Be a perfect mother and not yell at their children even ONCE!

Hands up who has suddenly realized it’s almost Christmas (WTF?)

Can you see the rest of the year spiraling out of control and are you dreading finding yourself in the same position next year?


You are not alone.

You can get back on track.

You may have left your run a bit late to lose 60kg or become Prime Minister, but trust me, you’ve still got time to finish off the year headed in the right direction.

There is still time to get some action happening.

Still time to get back on track, find clarity and confidence and map out the way forward.

This time of year is prime time for people who are having an end of year freak out. They have been signing up for my BS Elimination Sessions. These power packed consults can act as a circuit breaker. Working to find clarity and a way forward. To strip back what keeps sabotaging their efforts and put the wheels back on for the last gasps of the year.

If you are suffering with a bad case of end of the year syndrome… if your wheels are a little wobbly too; here are 6 easy things you can do right now to turn the energy around and get you back some control.

I promise that it’s not that tricky.

6 things you can do right now to make sure you finish the year back on track

  1. Get a grip on the big picture.

Write it down. What you had hoped to achieve and where you’re at with it to date.

  1. Rein it in to what’s most important.

This is the part where you prioritize and get real.

What are the 4 things that are most important to you to get back on track with? What progress would you have to make in these areas (between now and Christmas) to feel like you were back in control of your destiny?

  1. Make a plan.

One that’s achievable not impossible.

What are 4 simple changes you could make.to your daily routine that would make the most difference? (one in each area of importance)

  1. Get some Support.

Who can cheer you on?

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help or support. Find a person who loves you. Tell them what you’re doing. Ask them to check in on you once a week to see how it’s going. Accountability is a powerful tool. And the support of a cheer-squad makes all the difference. You never know, you might even motivate them to join you and make their own plan too!

  1. Stop beating yourself up.

   Reflect on the year that was and BE KIND.

   Take some time to focus on what you have got done this year

   What unexpected things came up that you managed to survive?

   Remember that just balancing life actually takes up a lot of time and energy. Survival is an achievement in itself.

  1. Look for the lessons.

   Last but not least is, consider how you might do things differently next year.

   Were the goals you set yourself realistic?

   What got in your way of getting them done? What might you do to avoid that in the future?

Ok, so you’ve looked at:

Where you are currently at.

Where you want to be.

Made a plan to put those wheels back on and keep moving.

Rallied a support crew to cheer you on (or at least cough loudly if you fall off the wagon) for the rest of the year.

You’ve appreciated all of the stuff that you DID get right this year.

Promised yourself to be mindful about what puts you off track in future.


Right. Time to go out in the fresh air for a walk … clear your mind.

Think about how it will feel come December when you know you have consistently made those changes and laid some really solid foundations. How will you feel about yourself for having the resolve to follow through on your plans?

Breathe in and smile.

Remember what a precious privileged it is to be alive, and have the opportunity to learn and grow.

When you get home, have a great big glass of water and START RIGHT THERE AND THEN to begin the changes on your newly tidied path… this is too important to be a start-on-Monday-deal my lovelies!

Go forth and put one foot in front of the other with clarity and confidence.

Knowing that just by taking these consistent baby steps that it is within your power to finish this year off with a bang, feeling proud of yourself and motivated to keep on making things better!

You can celebrate by spending the silly season enjoying the sunshine and the action, ready to step forward into a brand new shiny year with passion and purpose.

Here’s to finishing 2014 off with a cheer lovely chickies…

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