The Unstoppable Chicks rundown...

Got a question about the unstoppable chicks?

Well then, you have surely come to the right place.

Here’s what most people want to know…

What the hell is the Unstoppable Chicks?

Generally speaking, the Unstoppable Chicks has been set up as an online





For likeminded chickies to nurture, support and fast track their own personal growth.

It’s an opportunity to be a part of a small, intimate group of other amazing real life secret superheroes who are on a mission to do the same.


How does it help?

I believe that community, connection, accountability, support and smiling are key ingredients in motivating and inspiring ourselves to keep moving forward and to supercharging the results of our efforts.

Unstoppable Chicks is the perfect environment for these magical ingredients to be mixed up together.

By being in a private facebook group, members are notified of activity (as compared to a standard facebook page) so they don’t miss posts or action. And the comments they make are on private settings, so they don’t turn up in their news feeds for their entire friends list to read.


How does it work?

Once your 12 month membership has been paid, you will receive a welcome message and instructions to be added into our Unstoppable Chicks Secret Facebook Group. You also receive a free digital copy of The Seven Day Turnaround. e-book ( valued at $49)  


What kind of chicks hang out there?

Positive, no-bullsh*t, down to earth, everyday women who are on a mission to live the very best lives they can.  Who are interested in person growth and development. Who are wanting to invest in, and do something for themselves for a change.

What do they do?

Within a supportive weekly framework, they

Hang out together.

Cheer each other on.

Make small daily choices in the direction of the way they want to live their lives.

Laugh, smile.

Share resources, and stories.

Inspire each other to keep going.


How much does it cost?

Membership to the Unstoppable Chicks costs AUS$197 per 12 months of membership. 


What if I don’t like it?

If at any stage you decide the Unstoppable Chicks group is not your cup of tea, you just need to drop us an email. We will remove you from the group, no questions asked within 24 hours, and you will be charged no further payments past the ones you have already made. Please note that membership cost is an annual payment, refunds are not given if you choose to leave prior to the 12 months being over.  


What is it NOT?

The Unstoppable Chicks is not 1: 1 life or business coaching.

Whilst I am in and out of this beautiful group every weekday, it is predominately in a leadership, cheerleader (as well as and fellow person wanting to improve and learn, grow and embrace life) role.  Each Unstoppable Chicks member is in charge of their own personal growth.

What you put into this experience will greatly influence what you get out of it.

Make no mistake that what I want for you is nothing but the very best, but the work that it will take to make it happen is up to you my lovely.

The Unstoppable Chicks private membership group is NOT a space for bitching, moaning or complaining… it is a place for action, for looking forwards not back and for inspiring and motivating each other to learn and grow and thrive.

Can new members join anytime?

At the moment = YES!

Doors are currently closed, but will open again August 2018… woohooo!!!

The long term plan is for our Unstoppable Chicks tribe is to remain an intimate, sanctuary with a really personal touch.

In order for this to happen, I have decided to cap new members once our tribe reaches it’s happy place.  After that, it will be totally closed to new members, unless someone leaves.

So make sure you come and join us while you can… xxx


So my lovely, I hope that I’ve managed to answer  your most burning Unstoppable Chicks questions here.


If I’ve missed something, please feel free to drop me and email via my contact page and ask away.

And if our lovely little group sounds like a place that you’d like to be,

you are so very welcome to save a spot to join us by clicking back to the ToolBox page here.