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for unstoppable


If Smile Chickie were a girlfriend sitting with you in a bar after a break up, through a breakdown or right before a big breakthrough…

She’d turn to you and say:

Babe, you’ve got this.


Welcome to Smile Chickie


I’m Sue, creator of Smile Chickie, excitable entrepreneur, certified coach, business mentor, avid writer, lover of life + long blacks, happiness maximiser, and (just like you) one f*cking magnificent work in progress.

I’m no yoga posing, green smoothie slurping, instagram filtered ‘guru’ handing out life advice - I’d rather keep shit real.

But here’s what I DO want you to know...

Smile Chickie is about doing life YOUR way.

And making no apologies for it.


When the winds of change come blowing through your life, through your heart, like a gentle breeze or a tornado...

When you’re ready to make that big change, to make it REAL this time.

Smile chickie is here to add the f*ck yeah factor!

To remind you every day that you’re braver than you think.


So now that you’re here, what’s next?


Time to start wishing and start doing...that’s what!

It’s time to #getunstoppable.

(super chickie style)

Here’s how:

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Go for glory

Surround yourself with chicks who get it…

Join Unstoppable Chicks: I made us a top secret pocket of internet sunshine. Full of other no-bullsh*t women, striving towards their own personal versions of unfuckwithable bests. Picking each other up, reminding each other to keep the f*ck going… and laughing lots along the way.



Full of tools and tricks for unstoppable chicks.


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A secret cheer squad

The Unstoppable Chicks private membership group is your own virtual cheer-squad. Join us as we learn, laugh and grow - and work on rocking at life together.

A clear way forward

Looking for a simple, easy to follow, practical framework that can fast track you on the path from where you are now, to where you want to be?

The guts to keep going

The prettiest tool EVER! Inscribed with the words I can. I will. This stunning ring is your constant reminder that you’ve got this, that you are unstoppable!



(With a sprinkle of snort laughs and a few well placed f-bombs!)