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Welcome to Smile Chickie


I’m an excitable entrepreneur, certified coach, business mentor, avid writer, lover of life and long blacks, happiness maximiser, and (just like you) one f*cking magnificent work in progress.

Smile Chickie is about 3 simple words...

You’ve got this.

It’s about doing life YOUR way- and apologising to no one for it.

Around here we don’t just dream of a better life, we go out and make sh*t happen for ourselves.

We don’t blindly follow the latest internet ‘guru’ handing out one-size-fits-all advice.

We’re not willing to be powerless bystanders in our own lives.

We’re not chasing someone else’s idea of ‘perfect’.

We’re a lot smarter than that.

We keep it real around here.

Smile Chickie is an online HAVEN for women who want MORE out of life, but who also know it isn’t going to fall magically from the sky, you have to be willing to GO OUT AND GET IT.

It’s about building on your strengths, topping up your courage, and moving the f*ck forward.

And getting to hang out with a bunch of awesome chicks who want to do the same? BONUS!

Because here’s what I know for sure: life is infinitely better when you’ve got a support crew around you...a cheer squad...a leg up - so you never have to go it alone.

At Smile Chickie, we’re all in this together.

I’m your go to chick to get you over the line.

Think of me as your big sister - not the one who borrows your clothes and gives them back with wine stains - the other one, the one who gets your arse walking away from stuff that no longer serves you, and moving you closer towards the things that really matter.

Take a look in my chickie toolbox : full of tools and tricks for unstoppable chicks.




Full of tools and tricks for unstoppable chicks.


Take a look inside my Chickie Toolbox...


A cheer squad

The Unstoppable Chicks private membership group is your own virtual cheer-squad. Join us as we learn, laugh and grow - and work on rocking at life together.

A clear way forward

Looking for a simple, easy to follow, practical framework that can fast track you on the path from where you are now, to where you want to be?

The guts to keep going

The prettiest tool EVER! Inscribed with the words I can. I will. This stunning ring is your constant reminder that you’ve got this, that you are unstoppable!



(With a sprinkle of snort laughs and a few well placed f-bombs!)