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Unstoppable Chicks

12 months membership to our secret squirrel online hideaway, full of like minded chicks rocking life together. (and laughing  A LOT along the way).  

A safer, more intimate space than the multitude of busy, public membership groups out there. Your secret weapon, as you draw a line in the sand, step  bravely forward into an unstoppable future. 

A soft place to fall when you stumble, and a crew of sisters to pick you up, dust you off, and cheer you back on track again. Sound good? . Read on...

Breathe out, bounce back, move forward (super chickie style).

Step into the secret chickie sisterhood. Turbo charge the f*ck yeah!!! factor in your life.

In a quiet little secret squirrel corner of the interwebbies, lives a rare and exotic tribe of no bullsh*t women on a quiet little mission to squish as much into their lives as possible.

Fuck yeah

Yes way Rose


They don’t need to selfie or green smoothie the be-jesus out of it… they just want to get the f*ck on with making the most out of life… to make it an adventure not a struggle,  and to surround themselves with other chicks who feel the same. They are called the unstoppable chicks…. because (in the wise words of Bridget Jones…) that is what we are!

Unstoppable Chicks are your sisters from another misters, straightening each other’s crowns and laughing at each other’s stuff ups as we go.

There’s also random giveaways, weekly love-bombs, mission unstoppable challenges (when I remember) and lots of other special extras… but let’s face it, we’re in it for the sisterhood and the swearing :)

If you’re looking for a safe space to

Take the mask off

Put your feet up

Breathe out

In the market for more (virtual) random hugs and belly laughs in your life.

If you’re looking for a warm, cosy  (private) online haven where you can surround yourself with real, in what can sometimes feel like a world of fake/ flake/shake (it off).

If you’re up for super-charging the f*yeah factor in your life, then heads up...

We are throwing down the rope ladder for other like-minded chicks to climb on up and join us.

1 year memberships… because we are no one night stand!

We would love for you to join us … xxx

Unstoppable chicks is currently not open to new members.


But don't just take my word for it... here's the scoop from some of the chicks who hang out there.

“I love that I can feel safe in the knowledge that the women in this group are accepting, non-judgmental and more supportive than I could ever have imagined. I also love that I can support them too, because I care about these people!”

“I love that I can feel safe in the knowledge that the women in this group are accepting, non-judgmental and more supportive than I could ever have imagined. I also love that I can support them too, because I care about these people!”

“It brings to my life a sense of community where everyone wants to see each other succeed, but also gets it when we don’t, or when we have bad days, and gives us the motivation to try again tomorrow.”

“Unstoppable Chicks is something genuinely positive and uplifting in a world that can sometimes wear you down. Where you know you don’t have to be perfect. Where people want to live the best life they can, with all the trips and slip ups and bottles of wine that might involve! All the while knowing that we’re all perfectly good enough just the way we are.”

“It’s safe, supportive and fun.”

“I love the positive atmosphere, every chickie is important and you feel that, even when you’re feeling crappy or negative, the chickies can always improve your day. I love that I can share anything with these women and know that I am in a safe and caring environment.”

“I live a long way from home which is sometimes lonely but I know that I can turn to my Unstoppable girls for a kind word and a friendly (virtual) smile and hug.”

“It’s a support network that I love and it makes me happy to be able to return that love and support to the group of women who I consider friends – even though I’ve never met most of them in person.”

“Does it make a difference? Absolutely!!!! Hell yes!”

Having such a supportive atmosphere in the sometimes scary big world is an incredible comfort to us all.
No-one expects me to be perfect, they’ll pick me up when I fall, cheer me on in the good times, celebrate successes and mourn with me, even if they don’t know why.”

”It’s a group where women celebrate each other, rather than pick each other apart.”

”Hanging out here makes me feel empowered, happy and like I can take on the world – I can, I will!
Inspiring, accepting, supportive.”

Unstoppable Chicks is the place to be. I have been a member since it started and I LOVE IT. Sue makes us smile, shares our tears, holds us accountable, makes us laugh, checks in on us and gives unwavering support. It’s not just another Facebook group, it’s a tribe. It’s my tribe. I love the connections, the laughs, the support and the safeness of this special place.”