Secret Super Hero Ring

Secret Super Hero Ring


I made this for you.

It’s a sparkly, constant reminder…

To keep going (and going)

To remember that you are a magnificent work in progress

To live life your way and make no apologies for it

To notice the good stuff and LET GO of the bullsh*t

And above all else, to know that no matter what gets thrown your way…

Babe, you’ve freaking got this.

Note: Super Hero Ring comes in 3 sizes, see the FAQs for all the measurements and sizing chart.

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Co-designed with internationally renowned fine jeweller Celeste De Matteis, this stunning ring is handcrafted from solid sterling silver and features a delicate cut out heart with a simple yet powerful mantra inscribed on the inside:

I can ❤️  I will

Because it might sound cliched, but I’ve come to realise that it's what's on the inside that matters. And really believing it, is where your true power lies.

The magical secret superhero ring story…

Once upon a time, I started a little movement and as it grew I wanted to add something tangible that reflected the spirit of Smile Chickie chicks and what we believed in.

Something that they could use as a tool ... just like I do, and a way to recognise the amazingness in themselves and each other every single day... and especially on the crap days.

And I’ll be f*cked!

Turns out, this is exactly what a lot of other chicks were looking for too!

I wanted my chickie creation to be the most beautiful, high quality, Australian made product possible. So set about finding the perfect partner to help me bring this passion project to life. My search led me straight to the doors of internationally acclaimed, Melbourne (more recently Florence) based, artisan jeweller, Celeste De Matteis.

I teamed up with Celeste (the coolest superhero chickie ever!) to create the Smile Chickie Secret Superhero Rings. Each one a tiny piece of magic, a celebration of sisterhood, and a gentle, constant reminder to the wearer to acknowledge her own superpowers.

Inside the ring, imprinted either side of a cut-out heart shape, I chose the simple mantra:

I can ❤️  I will

Why did I put this on the inside?

So many products out there shove their logos, ideals and sappy inspirational quotes down our throats...and I was all like, ‘I don't NEED you to tell me how special I am!’. I know that all that really matters is what I tell myself - and then actually believing it.

So adding the mantra on the inside was my own quiet way of shunning all that shiny gimmicky, internet fakery. And I hoped that like minded chicks would know it and feel the same as I did. In a quiet, loving, connected ... ‘I see you sister’... kind of way.

We’ve got some mighty fine DIY life tools in the Smile Chickie Toolbox, but the Secret super hero Ring is by far my favourite. I love it because it’s beautiful, it’s powerful, and it works.

  • So when that ‘inner mean girl’ voice of self-doubt whispers in your ear and tells you that you’re not smart / rich / young / old / thin / strong / good enough...
  • When you’re juggling a million balls in the air (and dropping half of them), feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and wondering how the hell you’re going to get through this…
  • When you’ve got a mountain to climb and need to find the inner-strength to keep going....

You can look down at your Secret Superhero Ring, smile, breathe, and think...

I’ve got this.

Oh, and in case you were wondering...

Yep, you’re definitely worth it.

Secret Superhero Rings are not flimsy pieces of fad jewellery that will warp and fade after a few weeks, no way chickie. Much like the women who wear them, these rings are solid, beautiful creations of the highest quality.

Want to honour another superhero chickie in your life?

When you purchase a ring for yourself, why not add a second ring for a special chick who needs a reminder of her superpowers (and she thought nobody noticed all that she does!)

Let her know you see her magic.

My daughters have one, my beautiful sister, my mum, my girlfriends, my support crew, many of my gorgeous clients have started wearing them, word is spreading…

Many chickies in my community are giving them to their daughters, to their friends, to their superhero loved ones…yep, the superhero tribe of gorgeous chickies is growing.

So chickie, is it time to bring this beautiful piece of intentional jewellery into your life, or the life of someone you love?

I can ❤️ I will

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